Top Rated Free Android Apps That Help Get Rid of Belly Fat

Technology can be our best friend when it comes to our efforts to get rid of belly fat.  Why or how?  There are apps (or applications) that are readily made available for out convenience so that we don’t need to go to the gym to get our abs flattened.  Yes, there are many accessible apps today.  The best thing about them is that you can get them for free.  Are you ready?  Put on your training gear so we can get started.


Get Rid of Belly Fat: Tops Android Apps

Are you itching to get into action?  Hold your horses.  Read this post first and pick from the top rated apps that we will share so you can finally start your ab workout routine.

1. Flat Stomach Lumowell

 This app boasts that you don’t need to have an equipment at home to lose weight.  The app is said to have high intensity workouts that will help you get that toned abs.

In addition to that, they have a personal trainer that will guide you on your journey.

For those who are willing to go the extra mile can opt for the advanced version.  Apart from their 4-week program, that version also has a diet planner to help you maximize your calorie consumption.  Moreover, it also has a stretching program to help you cool down after your workout.  Plus, you get a pep talk to motivate you to exercise.


2. Exercises to Lose Belly fat

The app doesn’t just show you exercise videos to help you get rid of your stubborn belly fat.  The menu is also packed with other options that you can choose from.

First, you can calculate your BMI or tips to lose weight.  You can even find food suggestions that aid in weight loss.


3. Lose Belly Fat in 1 Week

The app has a collection of cardio workout videos to help you get in shape and, of course, flatten your tummy.  Aside from that, it encourages you to maintain a healthy diet as proper nutrition can also aid in losing that belly.


4. Ab Workouts

Want to get rid of belly fat?  This app has bikini ab workouts to help you prepare to get your dream beach body.  These workouts are from certified personal trainers so you don’t need to worry if they work or not.

The app boasts of exercises that are easy to execute so that you keep doing them.  Plus, you don’t need an internet connection to access the exercises.  This is definitely a plus feature.


5. 30 Day Abs Workout Challenge

This app has 10 exercises that anyone (and we mean anyone) can do.  It does not only help you eliminate that belly fat.  It also helps you get into tip-top shape and strong.
Just do those 10 exercises daily and you are assured of great abs.  If you think that the exercises are easy, you can choose the intermediate or the advanced level just to challenge yourself.

The apps mentioned in this post are from a survey made.  If you have a better app to get rid of belly fat than those already in this post, please feel free to comment about them and let us know so we can share it with others too.  Have a great day and happy exercising.

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