Tips to Lose Belly Fat While You Sleep

If you are looking for tips to lose belly fat while you sleep, then you are in the right direction.  Don’t just dream about having a flat tummy.  You are guaranteed to lose to excess weight and ultimately trim your waistline just by following the techniques that we are about to share with you.


Tips to Lose Belly Fat: Top Tricks

Make sure that your bedroom is totally dark.  It may be time to put on curtains or shades to make your room darker.  You will also need to cover glow in the dark clocks and turn gadget screen off.  Why is this important?  When you are in the dark, the body creates melatonin which is a hormone that induces sleep.  In addition to that, it also manufactures brown fat that is said to aid burning of calories.  So what are you waiting for?  Darken your room tonight to get a good sleep.


Keep it cool.  When we say keep it cool, we mean sleep in the cold.  Why is this one of the greatest tips to lose belly fat?  The reason is that sleeping in cold temperatures helps hasten the calorie burning process.  According to studies, those who sleep in cooler rooms burned 7% calories compared to those who sleep in warm rooms.  This is the effect of the body trying hard to raise temperature to a stable level.


Strip to your birthday suit when you sleep.  This is in connection with the above tip.  When you are undressed, you naturally feel cold.  And when you sleep in the cold, you lose weight and therefore lose that flabby tummy.


Avoid alcoholic drinks before going to bed.  Your body burns more calories during REM sleep but if you chug alcohol just before you hit the sack, your system will strive to process it while you sleep.  This will keep you from getting into the REM state.  Ideally, you will need to cut back on alcohol consumption three hours before you doze off.


Go light.  Eat smaller meals at night to help your body better digest your food.  If you consume large amounts of food at night, chances are that your body will take much work to metabolize them.  When this happens, the growth hormone that is released during your deep sleep will stock the food as fat.


Get yourself some sleep (preferably 8 hours per day).  We understand that our crazy schedule today makes it impossible to get full 8 hours of sleep but this is something that you have to do if you want to lose that belly.  Did you know that in a study conducted, obese people have 16 minutes less sleep everyday than those who have healthy weight?  It might not seem like much but the effect of lack of sleep will buildup over time.

But why is sleep essential? Based on a study, those who have more sleep had a decrease in ghrelin and boosted leptin levels.  Ghrelin is a hormone that promotes hunger and pushes a person to want to eat.  Leptin, on the other hand, reduces appetite while stabilizing energy.  So naturally, we will want an increase of ghrelin in our system to boost our weight loss journey.  What do we do about that?  Sleep some more.


Tips to Lose Belly Fat: Conclusion

Our tips to lose belly fat are relatively easy to follow.  You will just need to sleep in a cool, dark place, avoid alcohol and heavy meals at night, and get a lot of sleep.  It’s easy to do so we suggest that you start your belly busting naps right away.  Good luck!

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