Struggling With Weight Problems

Everyone knows one or two fat belly stories but this is one is the most troubling for us so far.  In this video, you will see how a mom with weight problems struggle even in the most menial daily task such as taking a bath.

Below is a transcript of the video:

there’s not a day that goes by that I
don’t have pain just about any movement
hurts I just walk in the 20 feet from my
bed to my bathroom is extremely painful
my weight has made it almost unbearable
to get around
the normal things that everybody does is
so hard to do with your muscles and I’m
terrified to get in my own bathtub
because I almost feel like I’m gonna
fall through the floor
I’m good to stand for maybe five minutes
so it’s a struggle for me to bathe
people don’t understand how much it
actually takes just taking anything I
have this thing hanging on for me that’s
not supposed to be there
my stomach hangs so heavy on my back
sometimes when I’m standing I’m scared
of physically breaking my own back
and it’s gotten so bad now that I’m
afraid I’ll be completely immobile soon
and I’m gonna have to have somebody take
care of me and I don’t want that
embarrassment I could still take care of
my body washing and bathing right now
but I need help with just about
everything else and most of all enough
five-year-old son Patrick last night
helps me with everything
he’s my legs and a lot of things
basically everything that involves
standing and walking around a lot
Patrick does for me go get the blue
bucket for Mama we’re gonna do some
lawns real quick he has to help me with
just about every household chore without
him I’d be lost

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