Stress-Busting: The Key to Effective Abdominal Fat Removal

In our previous post, we talked about different abdominal fat removal strategies to address belly fat problems.  This post is simply a continuation as we give you more suggestions on how you can deal with those stress-related stomach fat.


Abdominal Fat Removal: What To Do When You Are Overly Stressed

Apart from sleeping, moving, and curbing caffeine intake, here are more techniques that you can do to lower stress levels and avoid gaining fat in your midsection:

1. Savor your food.When we are stressed out, we tend to eat voraciously or quickly devour our food.  When this happens, we eat bigger portions of our meals and this leads to more stomach fat.  But when we slow down and savor each bite, we become more relaxed and satiated.  Instead of focusing on anger, we shift our attention to the food, and feeling full and happy.  This also causes us to eat less as the stress level go down.

2. Stay away from strict diets.  Contrary to popular belief, dieting doesn’t do much in losing weight.  In fact, it contributes to the rise of cortisol levels of up to 18%.  Additionally, your blood glucose levels become unstable when your cortisol levels rise.  As a result, you become irritable and famished.  To top all that, you lose all your self-control when your brain is sugar deficient.  This all leads to being unable to pick healthy foods over the unhealthy alternatives.

3. Cheat.  Just a little though.  Those who are stressed out will want to munch on something salty and sweet.  That’s okay.  Give in to your cravings but not too much.  Stop your “cheat” as soon as you feel a lot better.  If you cant keep yourself from reaching for more cookies, take necessary precautions just to be safe.  Just buy one cookie instead of the whole box.

4. Eat a loaded breakfast.Did you know that insufficient amount of vitamins C, B, calcium, and magnesium cause cortisol levels to spike?  Furthermore, those deficiencies cause unusual food cravings.  Specialists recommend to eat a breakfast filled with those vitamins.  For instance, you can drink orange juice, or grapefruit for your dose of vitamin C.  These are just a few examples.

5. Take a hot bath.  Everyone can do this.  All it takes is about two minutes to spend on yourself.  You can take a bath with essential oils to relax or soak yourself in the tub.  As you take a bath, happy hormones called endorphins are released so cortisol levels also decrease.

6. Free your mind from worries.  There are many techniques that you can use to make your abdominal fat removal more effective.  You can meditate for an hour a day and focus on your inner well-being.  For instance, you can say to yourself that “other people’s opinion of me is none of my business”.  This is effective especially if you are surrounded with toxic and negative people.

Apart from that, you should learn to stop reacting to things that you have no control over.  This will keep your mind focused on the more important things in life.


What do you think of these stress-busting abdominal fat removal methods?  Try them out and see if they work on you.  Good luck!

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