Steps on How to Get Rid of Belly Fat

If you are looking for entertaining videos on steps on how to get rid of belly fat, you are on the right spot my friend.  We have come across a video that will surely be of good use to you.  Here it is and hope you enjoy watching it.

Here’s a transcript of the video for your convenience.

oh four steps to lose belly fat in a
week tonight is your date night with
that handsome co-worker whom you’ve been
flirting with for the whole week you
open your wardrobe and browse through
all of your clothes this won’t fit this
is too tight this will emphasize your
flabby belly well jeans and sweater then
not too romantic but at least no one
won’t notice that you skipped your
workouts this week okay this month
do you recognize yourself if you nodded
you are on the right track to shape your
body in just a week and then wear any
outfit that suits the occasion let’s get
into action here are four simple steps
1 never stop moving movement is life
jogging running biking swimming anything
that gets your heart rate up will do it
will help you burn calories and improve
your health too you can also take long
walks cardio exercises is one of the
most effective forms of training for
reducing belly fat however try not to
exhaust yourself with long marathon type
jogging experts prove that interval
training or combining two types of
exercise is more effective how often and
how much you exercise is also very
important you must be organized about
this make a schedule and follow it
download a program that will help you
track your activities stay motivated and
never skip training again here’s another
good tip find a fitness positive friend
who will support your efforts or join
you in the gym the competitive style of
training will have a very positive
and you’ll get a pleasant bonus when you
exercise the endorphins kicking your
blood it will become not only fitter
person but happier too to hydrate
you control your whole life so why don’t
you start controlling your whole body
Plus remember that human body is 80%
water and it’s essential to nourish it
drinking your daily recommended amount
of water will help you control your
metabolic rate and digest food faster
yes we know you might need to visit a
toilet more often at first but after
several weeks your body will get used to
it and bathroom visits will return to an
average amount however avoid sugar
sweetened drinks sugar is the biggest
enemy of the fit flat belly when you eat
a lot of sugar the liver gets overloaded
with fructose and turns it all into fat
we don’t need that right so it’s just
water then as a result food digestion
boosts you lose that stubborn belly fat
and feel great win-win 3 eat healthy
it’s obvious that your whole belly fat
losing plan is based upon healthy diet
and thoughtful choice of food of course
you can burn yourself out in the gym and
congratulate with a slice of pizza
before bedtime but we both know it’s not
right not healthy and won’t take you any
closer to fit body so let’s talk about
food protein goes first
be sure to include a good protein source
at every meal
such as meat fish
eggs dairy if weight loss is your goal
then adding protein is perhaps the
single most effective change you can do
to your diet protein intake decreases
appetite and promotes fullness many
famous actors follow the protein-rich
diet to prepare their bodies for the key
role of their life for example for the
pardon Dallas buyers club Matthew
McConaughey followed a diet that
included a lot of liquid we told you and
proteins very result ativ we say for
both body and academy-award don’t skip
dinner ever again we know what you might
think if I skip it I’ll lose weight no
you won’t sorry about hard truth but
let’s face it when you skip a meal your
body signals your inner organs that the
starvation mode must be activated it
means that from now on everything that
you’ve eaten before will be turned into
fat this is how your body saves you so
don’t let the chub layers appear eat a
healthy snack every three hours
alcohol will become fat too we know it
sounds ridiculous but it’s a fact sooner
or later your liver will digest alcohol
into sugar and then it’s a fad and where
do you think it appears in the first
place right there’s nothing wrong with
having fun and little party never hurt
but we advise you to be moderate and
settle on one or two drinks
just remember party lasts one night
belly fat last four weeks we made our
choice now it’s your turn four chill out
and drive out the stress
you didn’t expect to see this one here
did you but here’s something you should
know if you tire your body with a huge
amount of exercise and excessive dieting
you should give it a break sometime
sleeping for five or less hours per
night increases visceral fat level good
sleep every night will help your body
stay at natural rhythm and keep
metabolism regulated plus if you sleep
well you look good in the morning smile
more work productively and one more
pleasant bonus to add stop stressing
about your weight the more you think
about it the more you keep yourself
preoccupied with something that cannot
be solved was a wave of a magic stick
you have to understand that everything
takes more or less time
stress deprives you of good sleep flocks
concentration and burns energy don’t
overwhelm your brain with negative
thinking here’s a tip if you combine our
advice with your ideas on shedding belly
fat you might expect good results in
just one week and step away from those
scales and look at the mirror this is
the only thing that reflects how
beautiful you are


So what do you think of the outlined steps on how to get rid of belly fat?  Please do let us know.

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