Running to Get Rid of Belly Fat

“Can running help me get rid of belly fat?”  This post aims to answer this commonly asked question.



Get Rid of Belly Fat: Running as Belly Trimmer

There are many techniques and exercises today that people go for to trim that stubborn fat from their bellies.  One of which is running.  However, we often read about complaints that running did not solve their fat woes.  What could they be doing wrong?


You have been running like crazy but it seems like you have not shed that belly fat just yet.  What can you do?  First and foremost, you need to know that running is not the only option.  You can include other strategies in your run to make running more effective for you.  Here are tips that promises great results:

  • Take note of your pace and don’t just run for the entire duration of your workout.  You can switch it up with other exercises such as walking and jogging, swimming, or even sprinting.
  • Increase your run time.  The goal here is to lose body fat which, in turn, helps you lose your belly fat.  This will only be possible if you run a little longer than your usual time.
  • Add high knees into the mix.  You can do one minute where you will run with high knees.  Focus all your energy on your abs instead of your leg muscles to take your knees higher than you possibly do.  This does not only flatten your tummy but also strengthens it.


Apart from the techniques above to get rid of belly fat, you can also do the following:

  • Do other cardio workout such as cycling and as simple as dancing in your own home.
  • Take note of your food intake.  You can keep a diet journal so you know how many calories you are consuming and what habits you need to get rid of.  Write as much as you can as you can use this to evaluate your lifestyle.
  • Cut back on the bad stuff.  Examples of what to eliminate are soda and processed foods.  As you remove those from your system, add more fruits and vegetables to your daily meals.  Remember that this little change will go a long way in maintaining a flat belly.
  • You will be tempted to eat more as you burn a lot of calories when you run so be wary of your portion sizes.  The best thing to do is to constantly prepare 100-calorie snacks at home.
  • Always read nutrition labels.  A food that is marked as “low fat” is not always the healthiest option as they may contain more sugar to compensate for the flavor loss.



Get Rid of Belly Fat: Conclusion

In conclusion, running ALONE does not and will not help you get rid of belly fat for good.  You need to incorporate running with another exercise plus balanced meals and a healthy lifestyle.  Only then will you be able to attain your goal of having a fat free belly.


What say you?  Start running now to get rid of belly fat.  Good luck!

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