Lose Stomach Fat With Protein

Did you know that you can lose stomach fat with a high protein diet?  We know you probably heard of this.  Fitness buffs, celebrities, Google itself, and even your bestest friends talk about high-protein diets more than they should because it is effective in helping shed off unwanted pounds.  In this post, we will talk about why this is possible, and recommend protein-rich staples that will surely boost your weight loss.


Lose Stomach Fat: How Protein Helps

This is a no-brainer.  Protein is best for anyone aiming to lose weight because, first, it takes a while to digest compared to carbohydrates.  This means that you are satiated.  You feel full for a longer time so you don’t need to munch on something anytime soon.

As your body digests protein, your body also burns calories during the process.  In addition to that, your body builds lean muscle mass instead of storing fat.


Lose Stomach Fat: Great Protein Sources

The only problem with high-protein diets is that many people get stuck in a rut from choosing between eggs and grilled chicken.  Those two are always the go-to protein sources.  If you already ran out of ideas, then let this list below help you:

  1. Spinach– It’s no wonder why this is Popeye’s favorite vegetable.  It’s not only a potent source of protein.  It also comes with a host of vitamins and antioxidants that surely packs a punch.  Just a cup of cooked spinach contains about 5 grams of protein for a few calories.   To effectively lose stomach fat, we suggest that you steam your spinach so that all the vitamins are retained.  You can eat it as it is or add it to your omelets or soups.


  1. Cashews– just an ounce of cashew can provide you with 5 grams of protein.  Additionally, you can get calcium, copper, magnesium, and phosphorus from this nut.  Apart from that, it provides relief for headaches, constipation, and even insomnia.  To boot, it boosts immune system and even gives your hair a glossy finish.


  1. Chia Seeds– just like cashews, an ounce of this seed gives you 5 grams of protein.  Besides protein, chia seeds supply you with dose of omega-6 fatty acids – which is more convenient than having salmon daily.  Just sprinkle a good amount of the seeds into you salad, pancakes, desserts, and of course, your famous smoothies.


  1. Gruyere Cheese– one ounce of this fancy cheese gives you about 8 grams of protein.  This is more than 30% protein compared to an egg.  Keep your consumption to about a size of four dice though and drink a glass of wine for women and two glasses for men.


  1. Teff– those who are into gluten-free diets will be happy with this option.  A quarter of cup contains 7 grams of protein.  This tiny grain is also packed with calcium, fiber, and amino acids.  Teff porridge with apples and cinnamon will definitely give you a morning jolt.


  1. Peanut Butter– yes, you read that right.  2 tablespoons will give you a solid 7 grams of protein and help you lose stomach fat.  Don’t go more than the required amount though or it will ruin your diet.  Also, make sure that you buy  PB that’s unsalted and without added sugar.


So what do you think with these 6 sources?  Do you think you can lose stomach fat with those unusual options?  Let us know in the comments section below.

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