Lose Abdominal Fat By Fighting Stress

If you cant lose abdominal fat despite so much effort, maybe stress is the one to blame.  How do you know if stress is causing your belly fat and what can you do about it?  Read below.


Lose Abdominal Fat: 3 Signs Stress is Making You Fat

Do you feel like you still need to eat more even if you have already eaten a heavy breakfast or dinner?  Do you want to munch on sugar and fatty foods all day long?  Do you think that your hunger is insatiable?  If you answered YES to all three questions, this means that your cortisol levels is haywire.  This is the first and the most common sign of all.

Second sign is the overpowering feeling of wanting to quit.  It’s the feeling that if you have one more thing to deal with, YOU.WILL.JUST.BLOW.

Lastly, you feel excessively famished after exercising that you can eat a whole cow.  The idea of consuming fruits, vegetables, chicken, and fish is thrown out the window once hunger sets in.  You prefer to devour food that are high in calories instead.  Either you are doing exercises that are too hard for you or you have a cortisol imbalance.


How to Fights Stress to Lose Abdominal Fat

How can you lose abdominal fat?  Simple!  Just battle it out with stress.  Here are things that you should do:

1. Do push-ups.  Uhuh.  You read that right.  This is actually an effective cheat as doing push-ups makes your body think that you are running away from whatever it is that is stressing you out.  Moving up and about circulates blood.  This causes the cortisol to be released from your system.  If you can’t do push-ups (because you are probably at the office or somewhere out), just flex your hands.  Better yet, take about 20 minutes of walk 3 times a week to reduce cortisol levels.

2. Sleep.  We have repeated this advice over and over in several posts in this site.  It only means that this is the most effective stress-buster of all time.

Sleep cures stress but lack of it causes stress as well.  In a study, it was found that getting less than 6 hours of restful sleep at night amplifies cortisol level.  Consequently, this causes increase in appetite and weight gain.

In another study,  it was also found that ghrelin levels rise due to lack of sleep.  This ghrelin is a hormone responsible for releasing growth hormones and boosting appetite.  But if you get back on track with healthy sleep, your ghrelin and cortisol levels will be back to normal.

3. Curb on caffeine.  Did you know that cortisol levels increase if you drink coffee while you are stressed out?  In a study wherein stressed out participants drank 3 cups of coffee, cortisol level shot up to 25% and is consistent for 3 straight hours.  In addition to that, too high cortisol level leads to stress eating.  Need I say more where this will lead you?


Lose Abdominal Fat: Conclusion

Stress is a big part of our daily lives.  But if we let this control us too much, it will ruin our overall well-being starting with creating a stubborn belly fat.  Lose abdominal fat by learning to cope with stress.  You’ll see significant changes later on.  Believe us.

Good luck!

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