How to Reduce Belly Fat With Spices

How to reduce belly fat?  Easy! Just spice up your meals with the spices that we are about to share in this post.  Not only will it cut your visceral fat but also improve your meals so you don’t feel deprived or miss out on anything mouth watering.


How to Reduce Belly Fat: Top Favorite Spices

When it comes to flattening the tummy, many people’s first option is to cut back on anything yummy.  Their first try might be to just eat fish or plain (and dull) chicken with a cup of brown rice.  Yikes! You can still indulge even if you are striving to get rid of that belly.  Just add in the spices that are known to fight fat.  Here they are:

-Black pepper– how to reduce belly fat with black pepper? How is that even possible?  Based on research and recent studies, black pepper contains piperine – the chemical substance that gives it its taste.  Piperine is also said to impede fat cell formation that will eventually keep you from getting fat in the first place.  Isn’t this just amazing?

You can add black pepper to your grilled meats, sauces for your steaks, and as spice for your favorite chicken dishes.  If you are game for anything, you can try to add black pepper to yogurt and cottage cheese.  Please let us know if you like it.

-Cinnamon– this favorite holiday spice is also an effective fat buster as it helps balance glucose levels.  It also satiates you and keeps the cravings at bay.

You can add this spice into your coffee, oatmeal, cottage cheese, yogurt, smoothies, and even tea.  You can even use this to marinade your meat.

-Ginger– is famous for its power to cure upset stomach.  In addition to that, it contains potent antioxidants together with capsaicin.  This capsaicin, based on studies, is said to improve metabolism and leave you feeling full.  Ginger also aids in controlling blood glucose levels.  This means that ginger can manage your sugar level after indulging in a carbohydrate or sugar filled meal.

To feel the effect of ginger on your dieting journey, simply add it to your tea, sauces, and dressings.  You can even grate ginger over your baked fish or fruit salad for added flavor.

-Mustard Seed– according to research, mustard is packed with homobrassinolide – a compound that promotes an increase in muscle mass.  What’s more, mustard is said to boost metabolism therefore promoting faster calorie burning.

You can combine mustard seeds with water, vinegar, or other spices to create your own condiment.


How to Reduce Belly Fat: Conclusion

you can still have flavor in your meals even with the absence of sugar, sodium, and other calorie adding ingredients.  Just go for the spices that we suggested in this post and this will surely guide you in your weight loss process.

Any boring meal will become restaurant- and drool-worthy all thanks to those spices.  In addition to the added flavor, spices boost metabolism too.  Believe us as this is backed by many scientific studies and research.

How to reduce belly fat?  As the Spice Girls would say: “Spice up your life”.

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