How to Reduce Abdominal Fat with Fiber

There are many known ways on how to reduce abdominal fat.  We have featured them in the different posts in this site.  There is one less known among those techniques though – fighting fat through fiber.  Interesting, right?  If you have never come across this strategy too, please read the rest of this post.


How to Reduce Abdominal Fat: Introduction to Fiber

There are basically two types of fiber: insoluble and soluble.  The former helps food pass through your digestive system by cleaning the colon and intestinal tract.  The latter, on the other hand, eliminates cholesterol and fat by absorbing it like a sponge.  These two are vital for your overall well-being.

Because of the amount of unhealthy food that we ingest day to day, there will come a time when undigested food builds up in our digestive system.  All this rot and become poison to our system as it is being absorbed and led into our bloodstream.  The result is a compromised health, degenerative diseases, and of course, stop us from losing weight.


How to Reduce Abdominal Fat: How Can Fiber Help?

Here’s how fiber can help you bust that belly fat away:

1. It is an effective appetite suppressor.A hormone called cholecystokinin or CKK is responsible for regulating your fullness.  When you don’t feel hungry, you will not eat more.  Fiber increases CKK production and prolongs its activity.  Therefore, when you consume a fiber-rich diet, you will feel full for a very long time so you can avoid overeating.  Your cravings will decrease too.

2. There is what we call the Fiber Flush Effect.  In a study conducted by the US Department of Agriculture, it was found that the more fiber you consume, the less calories that body absorbs.

In this study, participants who consumed up to 36 grams of fiber on a daily basis absorbed less than 130 calories.  If you add this up for a year, it will total to more than 47,000 calories.

3. You can eat a lot of fiber without getting a lot of calories.  This means that you can munch on as much fiber as you want sans the unwanted calories.

Let’s take a peach and a chocolate bar for example.  A peach weighs five times more than a chocolate bar.  However, a chocolate bar contains more calories than a peach.  After eating a bar, you will not feel full so you will eat more bars.  The result is…well, you already know that you will gain more weight from that chocolate binge.  The fiber-packed peach will make you feel full longer though (please refer to item 1 for explanation).

4. Fiber decelerates conversion of carbohydrates to sugar.  This means that you get to have a chance to stabilize your blood sugar levels since sugar’s absorption is slowed down.  In addition to that, fiber helps your body become sensitive to insulin.  Consequentially, your body will better respond to insulin thereby reducing glucose levels.  To add to that, your body will lose weight as it will use glucose in your stored fat as its energy source.


How to reduce abdominal fat?  Start with a fiber-packed meal today.

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