How To Burn Stomach Fat with Protein

In our previous post, we discussed about how to burn stomach fat through loading up with high-protein diets.  We also talked about the different sources of protein apart from the usual grilled chicken and eggs.  In this entry, we will share with you a few more examples of protein-rich food so that you can add them to your daily protein intake routine.


How to Burn Stomach Fat: More Food Packed With Protein

Are you tired of the same old eggs and chicken go-to recipe?  Worry no more as we will give you a list of different protein sources from varying food categories.  Without further ado, here are the some of the things that you are missing out on:


  1. Turkey– you don’t need to wait for Thanksgiving to get your dose of turkey.  Did you know that just a quarter-pound turkey burger will give you a whopping 16 grams of protein?  Talk about a meal that packs a punch.  Not only that. This lean meat contains 18 milligrams of omega-3 acids per serving.  This type of acid improves brain function and mood.  Additionally, it keeps fat cells from growing bigger.  Be careful with what you are purchasing though and just pick out the white meat.


  1. Sun-dried tomatoes– you can get 6 grams of protein from a cup of serving.  You also get 3/4 of your Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) for better health and faster tissue repair, and 7 grams of finer.  They are also rich in lycopene which takes care of your heart, lungs, skin, stomach, and more.  don’t leave out vitamins A and K in the list of the sun-dried version’s benefits.   How to burn stomach fat with tomatoes?  Snack on them or better yet, add them to your pizza. Yum!


  1. Guava– who would have thought this fruit will be included in this list?  We didn’t either.  But after seeing research that a cup contains 4.2 grams of protein, we were impressed.  You get to have 9 grams of fiber and vitamin C equivalent to eating 7 medium-sized oranges as well.  We certainly did not expect this.


  1. Peas– they may be cute but they pack a lot of protein.  Imagine getting 8 grams of protein with just a cup of serving.  They have 8 times more protein content than Spinach too.  Plus, they contain vitamin C just enough to boost your immune system.  Pair them with eggs to amplify the combination’s power or just add them to you salads.


  1. Bison– yes, you read that clearly.  It has less calories compared to red meat, and just 4 ounces of the meat supplies you with 23 grams of protein.  There’s more!  You also get a full day’s dose of vitamin B-12 which is known to stop formation of fat cells.  Let’s not stop just yet.  The bison meat is basically free from pollutants and hormones as they are grass-fed so you can devour them with extra confidence.  No harm in there.


How to burn stomach fat?  Just try out our recommendations above.  Good luck and good health to you!

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