Fat Burning Program

Fat Burning Furnace Program is founded by Rob Poulos. Rob is the founder and CEO of  Zero to Hero fitness, one of the biggest names in weight loss World. FBF is a hidden gem amongst many lumps of coal. FBF program is not solely a diet program that causes effective weight loss by using right diets. FBF plan burns off your body’s carbohydrates instead of burning fat. This forcefully puts your body into action as it begins to use stored fat to replenish the depleted carbohydrates. Other programs in the market can easily burn muscle mass but it implements strategies that let you build muscle, burn fat and control carbohydrates. FBF contains a list of 15 food articles to be eat and 15 food articles that should not to be eat, that come in an easy-to-read chart, an exercise regimen planner and more. There are also separate programs for men and women.


  1. Burn fat without any cardio exercise.
  2. There is no stricked diet to be followed.
  3. Makes the user active
  4. Helps in saving money, which being wasted if one is going to join gym.


  1. As this plan is built on weight training it doesn’t contain too much information on cardio workouts.
  2. FBF could include more information on the diet and nutrition aspects, in my opinion this was added to complement the exercise as it is not as detailed as the information regarding workouts.

As the book has both pros and cons even then I will give it 8 points out of 10. It is definitely a good read, and I say you should give it a shot. Who knows if you can lose couple of inches of those belly fat.

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