Fat Belly Story

This story is about a person who is ashamed of his fat belly and loses fat with exercise.

Once upon a boy who lived in a small town, he is very intelligent since his childhood. From his childhood he was very fat and everyone make fun of him. But he never said anything to them; he just came direct to his home and also plays alone because he doesn’t have any friend. He himself was very ashamed of his fat belly. Everyone calls him ‘motu’ and he starts crying because he doesn’t like to hear that word.
One day, he plays under a tree and during his play time he just enters the boundary of Prince’s palace and he feels hungry, he just struck a fruit from a tree and eat it. One of the Prince’s servants took him to Prince’s room; every other person makes fun of him. He also doesn’t have self-confidence. Prince tells the servants to take him to the imprisonment. The boy cry and Prince asked him if he loses his tummy then prince forgive him and also gave him some gift. The demanded some time to think and prince agreed.
After some time, the boy said okay and he returned home. He tells the story to his mother but she doesn’t believe him.
After that he started doing different exercises like YOGA, HULA HOOP, ROPE JUMPING, AEROBICS etc. and within some span of time, he is getting rid of his belly fat and become so smart and handsome. Then he went to Prince’s Palace but nobody is getting to know who is he, then the boy himself tell them who is he. They all praise his will power and Prince offers him Rs.2 lacs and also asked him to open a yoga centre there. The boy agreed start that centre and all people having belly fat went there to get rid of belly fat. The yoga centre is becoming so famous that people come there from many places and from foreign also to reduce their belly.
Now the name of his town also known through the name “YOGA TOWN”. Now every want to have a boy like him only and confidence level of boy also rose up.
He is also getting national award for this. And everybody calls him miracle boy. And now everybody wants to become his friend.
Moral of the story is not to make fun of others.

2 thoughts on “Fat Belly Story

  • November 2, 2009 at 8:14 pm

    Is this a bedtime story?

  • July 1, 2019 at 2:43 pm

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