Fact: What Belly Fat Does To Your Body

Well what does belly fat do to us?  Here’s an explanation:

a lean belly leads to a healthier longer life
so when we measure around our waist
we’re really measuring this this gelatin
fat you see
how closely packed together
the organs are here
you need that amount of fat that’s healthy
but over here this is unfortunately what a lot of us are dealing with all that excess fat surrounding your organs
your organs are separated by this basically this toxic goop
I call it an alien invader and I want to talk to everyone a little bit
about what’s happening inside your abdomen
and why having a lean belly is such a key to good health
so you’re walking around with too much abdominal fat
this fat you’re looking at is visceral fat
it doesn’t just sit there
it truly is toxic goop and circling all of your organs
it’s increasing inflammation actually secretes chemicals that increase inflammation throughout your body
but it also affects your cardiovascular system
it increases over time your blood pressure amongst other things
and as all these parameters are changing your abdomen
that that visceral belly fat is doing other things
it’s an increasing production of something called interleukin 6
this chemical further increases inflammation throughout your body
and as this happens something else really interesting is occurring
your metabolism is being governed by this excess body fat adiponectin
is affected and what does it do when you don’t have enough of it
it tells you to store more belly fat so it’s a vicious cycle to
poor health
your liver is overwhelmed with cholesterol
well what does that lead to
plaque buildup in your arteries
and when you get plaque buildup what happens next
oftentimes I see you in the ER fatal heart attack and everyone always says what could I have done differently well
the answer is right here now
you’ve got to target excess belly fat
belly fat leads to heart disease cancer stroke
arthritis type-2 diabetes even sexual dysfunction
and I don’t want everyone to have to deal with that
well what happens if you actually get rid of belly fat and develop a leaner belly
you know what studies show you’ll actually be smarter
you’ll sleep better
was good to me you’re the healthier heart better sex
okay even more money
less money spent on medical bills
more money to travel the world sounds pretty good

One thought on “Fact: What Belly Fat Does To Your Body

  • July 2, 2019 at 8:53 am

    Doença vascular periférica que dificulta a passagem de sangue para os membros inferiores do corpo, como pernas, pés e órgão sexual. Cuando el cerebro está lidiando con el estrés, se vuelve mucho más difícil permanecer enfocado en las relaciones sexuales.

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