The Dangers of Belly Fat

Everybody wishes to measure their body weight on different scales and criteria. However, let’s take a different approach here. Let’s discuss about the numbers of fat cells that every one of us are carrying. It is estimated that on an average, an American is said to have 30 billion fat cells. These are filled with substances called lipids. When people start consuming corn chips and other fried items, the fat cells expand up to 1000 times to their original size. This will have a long term impact and the dangers of belly fat start from here. It is highly impossible to reduce the belly fat once it gets accumulated.

Abdominal fat is very much active releasing harmful substances to penetrate in to the blood vessels and other parts of the body. For example, it will release the free fatty acid which will not allow the proper functioning to break down the insulin production. It secretes the hormone called cortisol which is responsible for higher stress and diabetes related diseases. It gives rise to a higher probability of getting heart attacks and strokes. Due to its closer vicinity towards heart, lungs, and liver – it might mess up the total functionality of these organs.

The dangers of belly fat can prove to be fatal. It will start ejecting out poisons and other unwanted substances which will apply some force on the body parts. If the belly fat is more in the human body, it will put you at a high risk for premature death, heart attacks, high BP, strokes. The single most reason that tops the chart for the reasons to get heart attack is the fat substances present in the body. This is applicable for both men and women.

The dangers of belly fat will show its negative impact in such a way that it will store the excess fat in the liver. This will affect the normal functioning of removing the insulin from the bloodstream which is quite dangerous. This will make the body to be insulin resistant which will raise the level of blood sugar. Once when the sugars stick to the cells, it is highly impossible to take back that. It will then be converted to a poison called sorbitol which will destroy the nearby nerve cells, arteries, and some more tissues. The presence of excess insulin will keep intimating your brain to eat more which will lead to obesity and heart risks.

Here comes the question as, how much of belly fat is dangerous for the humans? The researchers believe that men who have a waist size more than 40 inches and women having more than 35 inches are having higher probability to be affected by heart related and all other above said diseases. Hence, it is with the best interest of the people to take measures and steps to reduce the belly fat to stay healthy. No one is forcing you to have a six pack abs. However, try not to save any form of excess fat that will allow staying happy and healthy.

3 thoughts on “The Dangers of Belly Fat

  • March 31, 2011 at 11:20 am

    I absolutely pity women which have to suffer those unpleasant diets or intense exercise sessions to have a smooth, nice bellies. It is great for boys that when we want muscle mass we will lose all of our extra fat on auto-pilot, for an upkeep cost of your muscle mass. All I am saying is I’m glad I am a guy.

  • June 12, 2019 at 3:46 am

    Si algo va mal en todo el proceso de la erección, puede producirse un problema. Además, la falta de erección puede deberse a causa de cargas psíquicas y el estrés raras veces.

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