Cavewoman Instincts for the Beneficial Diet

You are certainly not being asked to invade the Amazonian depths, but certainly, digging up the details on the nutritional achievements of our primitive cousins, if not anything, shall be interesting. That is to say, the hominid (characterizing the family Hominidae, including Homo sapiens as well as other extinct species of creatures resembling humans) diets that took shape around 10,000 BC. It was the time when ice age ended and agriculture was discovered. Whatever foods the Neolithic farmers grew still form a part of the diet of modern humans, but a look at their skeletons also reveals a case of poor nutrition, something that stayed absent in their previous generations. They were the next generation of the previous hunters and gatherers; had shorter life spans and showed dental and various other health problems, including obesity.

It clearly states that those new foods were not suitable for the newly evolved human species, characterized by the smaller digestive tract. There’s only one stomach; the large intestine is actually shorter – all these prove only meat, fruits, nuts and a few types of vegetables are all that we may depend on for the nutrients. Does that cast some light upon wheat allergies and lactose intolerance? You bet.

If the aforementioned induces into you even a little bit of sense, it’s time to throw away the white bread, the crackers, the pasta and the cream-filled pastries and bring in eggs, beef, pork, chicken, fish and other sea-foods, along with fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts and other dry fruits without the artificial flavorings. From here, start the new concepts:

  1. Eat nothing that’s not found naturally.
  2. Eat only when you are hungry.
  3. Eat only to satisfy hunger for gluttony is a vice.

So, what’s the form all these must be consumed? The simple answer is, as close as it can be to their rawest form. Thus, scramble or boil the eggs (a little butter or cheese shall make it tastier); the beef must be from the delicatessen; the pork chop must be stuffed with pepper and the vegetables, fish and the chicken boiled – yet better, steamed. The fruits and nuts must be used only as fillers between major meals.

Now, vegetable, fruits and nuts are generic terms and require further explanation; so, let’s say it as the apples, the walnuts, the grapefruits while for vegetables, it’s broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, snow peas, cabbage and mushrooms. You must be amazed without corn being mentioned, but even the cavemen (and women) never had it in their roster.

So how does it help? Try for yourself; you shall be bubbling with energy yet being able to manage losing three pounds in a week, along with any digestive disorders that you may have. It’s because you won’t give your body a chance to accumulate any extra fat but to burn off what’s already in the reserve; did you notice any among the above list comprising even a little trace of fat?

One thought on “Cavewoman Instincts for the Beneficial Diet

  • July 2, 2019 at 1:25 am

    Las pastillas del parche, eso es lo que son para mi, un parche para la disfunción eréctil, no tengo ninguna enfermedad, estoy sano, no tengo ningún defecto físico o malformación, soy joven ¿porque para algo tan natural como es tener una relación sexual tengo que depender de eso? Pero también implica que se debe disponer de la libertad para que las enfermedades orgánicas y otras deficiencias no interfieran con la función sexual y reproductiva. No es noticia para nadie lo corrosivo que pueden resultar las drogas y el alcohol para el organismo.

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