Burn Off Belly Fat Fast With Household Chores

Did you know that you can burn off belly fat by doing your house chores?  We’re pretty sure that you are shocked by this revelation but believe us because it is proven true.

This post has the chores that you can do at home to kick that stubborn belly fat away.


Burn Off Belly Fat: 5 Best House Chores to Bust the Belly


Do you really want to get rid of your bulging tummy but just don’t have the time (money, and extra energy) to go to the gym?  Do you hate even just the thought of waking up early in the morning to jog?

Don’t worry.  Just look around your house and you will see the solution to that protruding belly fat problem.  Just do your chores.  Yes, you read that right.


Below are the awesome chores that you need to get started right away.

  1. Shoveling snow– takes so much hard work as this is a tedious task.  With this chore, you get to lose about 480 calories.  Need I say more?
  2. Gardening– Tending plants is a huge chore especially if you are weeding.  Did you know that you can lose more than 300 calories in just an hour of gardening?  Wow.
  3. Taking care of the child – where do we even begin? It takes a lot of power and strength to get toddlers to take a bath.  You carry, dress them, play with them, and look after them as they explore the world.  Just an hour of taking care of a child burns as much as 200 calories.  How much more if you have to do that all day long?
  4. Scrubbing the floor– no, don’t cheat and use a mop with a stick.  Get on your knees and scrub the floor using a cloth and your hands.  Make sure that you stretch your upper body when you push your hands forwards to keep your stomach muscles taut.  Keep your hips from sagging and your abs will tank you later for this intensive workout.  With this chore, you get to burn more than 250 calories.  This is indeed a good way to burn belly fat.
  5. Painting room– what do you need to do to repaint a room?  You will need to clear the entire room (carry the furniture and all the other stuff and you might need to clean up after).  Only then can you start painting.  Painting takes so much work that you get to lose a whopping 300 calories in the process


Burn Off Belly Fat: Secret Technique

You don’t just need to do those chores though.  You will need to incorporate one more trick to make the belly busting more effective.  What is this secret?  SPEED!

You burn more calories if you do the chores faster.  For this reason, weight loss vary from one person to another.  Apart from speed, you can also incorporate more activities like walking up and down the stairs or plainly walking.


What do you think of the chores listed in this post?  Do you think that they will burn off belly fat?  Let us know.

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