Best Way to Lose Belly Fat While Sitting Down

Are you looking for the best way to lose belly fat while sitting down?  Wait a minute.  Wait just right there.  Did you just take a double flip and back read the title and the first sentence of this post?  Your eyes are not playing games on you.  You read them correctly – you can lose your stubborn pouch even while sitting down.  How?  This post will discuss this interesting topic.


Best Way to Lose Belly Fat: Techniques

If you are stuck in a desk job and too busy to go to the gym to exercise, the techniques listed below might help you lose that belly flab that you so want to get rid of for the longest time.

  • Bring on the cold– did you know that the body uses energy to keep you warm?  As the body uses more energy, more fat is burned in the process.
  • Buy a stability ball – instead of using your old, reliable office chair, you can go for the ball to shed off the unwanted weight.  Doing so will strengthen your back, legs, and your core.  In addition to that, it helps you burn as much as 100 calories in a day.  If switching your chair to a ball is not allowed in the office, you can always just use the ball at home for an hour.
  • Hydrate yourself – water is needed for the body to function properly.  Did you know that 2 glasses of water improves your metabolism?  This is why you need to chug water daily.
  • Insert exercises during your idle time or breaks– just because you are busy with your work (while sitting down) does not mean that you can’t inject exercise into your daily grind.  You can still do the following:
    • Knee pulls– as the name itself implies, the exercise requires you to pull your knees towards you.  The quicker the execution, the better.
    • Knee tuck– this is the same as the knee pulls but without the actual pulling of the knees therefore pushing your abs to exert more effort as you balance yourself.
    • Other exercises– you can do toe taps and raises.  Additionally, you can squeeze a ball in between your thighs and knees.
  • Munch on healthy snacks – if you are going to eat snacks three times a day at work, make sure that you are eating only the healthiest such as fruits and nuts, yogurt, etc.  Bring your own instead of going to the vending machine to buy candy bars.  If you can’t help but gobble unhealthy snacks, multitask so that the brain is disrupted from the cravings.


Best Way to Lose Belly Fat: Conclusion

Although getting stuck behind the desk is not an ideal situation, there are still many things to do to cope and eliminate body fat altogether.

The best way to lose belly fat?  Just sit down and do the tricks that we have mentioned in this post and we are more than sure that you can finally get rid of the consequence of inactivity – the belly fat.  Good luck!

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