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Belly fat is that fat which pushes somebody’s waist out. Belly fat is the most common subject right now. From listening to people, it appears that most people are finding that belly fat is actually like an alien life form that enters into their midsections in the middle of the night and won’t go away. When someone is talking about belly fat, then he/she is talking about two types of fats that are actually very different in their behavior. To lose belly fat and overall body fat, one has to follow certain steps:

  • WORKOUT IN THE EARLY MORNING FOR JUST 30 MINUTES: After reading above lines you just don’t believe it, but it is really true, because your body is burning most of the carbohydrates during the night only, therefore carbohydrates are highly converted into energy during morning workouts and result of fat’s burning is 3 times higher than normal.
  • BREAKFAST AFTER WORKOUT: Many people like to avoid taking breakfast, as they said they don’t have the time for it. More harm is done when you skip breakfast and have a huge lunch since your body has not had anything for half day. After the lunch you will definitely become inactive and energy from that food will convert into fat so this suggested having your breakfast as earlier as possible because earlier you have it, faster you can start your metabolism to kick out fat from the body.
  • SMALLER DINNER IN THE NIGHT: Having smaller dinner is the most important tip to lose belly fat. One should be encouraged to have a large glass of water or to having some fresh healthy fibre food before sitting at dinner table. One is advised to take soup or milk only but 2 hours before you going to bed.
  • SLEEP IN THE NIGHT: Regular sleep is the most important factor. One should always advise to sleep for 6-8 hours of sleep every night, because it is enough for the functionality of your body system. On the other hand, sleeplessness also decreases the metabolism of body and increases hunger.
  • BE ACTIVE MOST OF THE DAY: In every day movement such as talking, standing up and sitting down when working with computer, do some cleaning or gardening, cooking, singing etc. remember to engage yourself active always, so that you can benefit with fat burn all day.

If you have belly fat, then must consult a dietician before you go for losing it, he/she prepares a diet for you and follow the chart and also do so much of exercise in first day that you get tired, do warm up before starting exercise and cool down after finishing the exercise. Take a lot of water in the whole day for example 10-12 glass of water per day.

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