6 Weird But Effective Ways to Lose Belly Fat

Do you want to lose belly fat without using the usual methods and diet fads?  Why don’t you try the techniques that we are about to share in this post?


Odd Ways to Lose Belly Fat

While it is true that fat has a vital part in the body, too much of it can take a toll on your confidence and self-perception.  What’s more is that too much fat can be harmful to your body.

don’t fret dear friends.  Here are the top odd ways to get rid of those stubborn belly fat.

1. Relax– we kid you not.  This is one of the most effective yet easy to do technique to bust that big belly.  Why?  Stress is one of the many reasons why fat accumulates as a result of the body’s production of the hormone called cortisol.  This hormone changes the body’s chemistry and promotes fat storage.

You can take a night off with friends to talk about things that are bothering you.  If you are an introvert, you might want to try yoga and meditation.  But if you simply don’t have the time for all those, you can always close your eyes and take long, deep breaths when peace seems to elude you.  That should do it.

2.Eat in front of the mirror – again, this is not a joke.  Watch yourself in the mirror as you take a big bite off that big and meaty burger and you will feel shame.  Take it from us.  You will begin to notice how unhealthy your eating habits are and you will be triggered to forget about munching anytime soon.  Some even eat in front of the mirror NAKED…and they say that this is far more effective as you can clearly see your belly (and your cellulite).  you will surely be discouraged to eat a mouthful.

3.Know where to sit down – believe it or not, your eating spot plays a big role in your diet.  We recommend that you sit at the end of the table or anywhere that will make it difficult for you to easily reach the dishes.

The areas or seats near the center of the table are the areas you need to avoid as this is where the food for sharing usually are.  Weird, right?  But the technique works wonders for many.

4.Keep checking your Facebook news feed – absurd?  Probably.  But it has been proven to help many lose belly fat.  How or why?  When you are focused on browsing the latest updates about your friends and acquaintances, you will forget about the time and your hunger.  Consequently, you will decrease your calorie consumption which helps in weight loss.

5.Color of plate is key – those who use red plates are lucky as this color is associated with stopping or warning thus, you lose your appetite.  Avoid plates that are white, blue, or green as they will only encourage you to gobble more.

6.Use chopsticks – no, you will not lose belly fat if you stab yourself with the chopsticks.  As we all know, it is hard to get food with just 2 wooden sticks so it will be difficult for you to eat.


Lose Belly Fat: Conclusion

You can opt for those tedious workouts and proven diet or implement the lesser known yet odd ways in this post and incorporate them to your lifestyle.  The decision now is yours.  The important thing is that you are set on your goals and follow through with whatever it is that you decide on.  Good luck and may you lose your belly fat.

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