Burn Belly Fat with Simple Exercises

Is the bulge in your belly becoming a thing of concern for you? You have an otherwise perfect figure but for the bulge in the belly. Don’t lose your sleep over your belly fat. You can burn belly fat with simple exercises. Simple exercises do not necessarily mean joining an expensive gym or consulting a dietician. Simple exercises mean doing some free hand exercises at home and incorporating some amount of exercise in your daily life.  Just being consistent with your daily exercise routine of ten minutes will change your perspective on exercise forever.

Understanding Simple Exercises that can help to Burn Belly Fat

Before you plan your diet and exercise regime it is very important that you understand that just because someone else has lost some weight in a particular way you will also do the same. If doing house work is not your cup of tea then at least once a week take time out to clean your closet or your room. Experts believe that doing house work also burns fat. Mopping the floor as well as vacuuming carpets and curtains is the handiest ways to burn belly fat. burn belly fat

In order to burn belly fat, it is important to have a good metabolism. In order to boost your body’s metabolism you can have a glass of warm water mixed with honey and lemon juice in the morning. Although this is a grand mother’s recipe experts believe that this is actually helping in burning belly fat. You must include a proper regimen of sit-ups, crunches and stretches to have visible effects on your belly fat.

It is believed by experts that a daily fitness routine of 10 minutes is enough to burn up to 150 calories. You can start with a series of 30 rope jumps. Be careful to use the correct size of jump rope and also be careful while jumping on the rope. Be light on your feet. Once done you can start with the sit-up or push up session coupled with some squatting and standing exercises.

Burn Belly Fat with Daily Exercise Routines for Beginners

Before you embark on a vigorous exercise routine to burn your belly fat it is important to warm up your body. You can jog standing in one position for five minutes before you start. Once you feel the sweat coming then you can start with the jumping rope and follow up with the more strenuous ones.

For beginners squat on the floor and then support yourself with your hands placed firmly on the floor beside your feet. Then slowly take one leg backward and bend your neck backwards too. Repeat this with the other leg also. This set should be repeated thrice to burn belly fat. Slowly you can increase the repetition to five or more. Next lie down on your side and lift your leg as far as you can. Then bring it down. Repeat this at least ten times on each leg. Finish with push ups or sit up, whichever you feel is more comfortable. Be careful not to sprain your neck during these exercises.

You will certainly be able to see visible results in reducing your belly fat if you adhere strictly to this simple exercise regimen. You see burn belly fat with your simple routines is that simple.


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