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Reduce Chubby Belly With Yoga

Many decades ago, yoga has had its contributions in helping you reduce chubby belly. Our ancestors have benefited a lot from the practice of yoga. Yoga not only helps keep your body in a proper shape but it also improves your digestion capacity, which in turn helps you lead a healthy and happy life. Yoga firmly believes in the principle of eating healthy and staying away from stress and tension. Stress and tension upset your whole system by disturbing your sleep and the proper intake of your food. Yoga has originated from the Indian subcontinent but now it is popular throughout the world because of the positive results that it has shown.

There is some specific yoga postures that help reduce chubby belly. Some such exercises are described below to give to an idea of the contribution of yoga in keeping the world fit and healthy:

As one of the first steps you can practice deep breathing to increase your concentration on the exercise regimen. Once done you can try sitting in the Padmasana, wherein you need to sit cross legged on the floor and cross each leg over the other with your spine straight and breathing even. This helps tighten muscles and aids to reduce chubby belly. Next you can stand straight with your feet firmly on the ground, then place your feet apart from each other, raise one arm at a time across your head and bend sideways. Repeat this on the other side. Do this whole set for three times in the beginning and then slowly increase it to ten or more times to reduce chubby belly.

The cat posture is also helpful to reduce chubby belly. In this pose you need to position yourself like a cat on your folded knees and palms. See to it that your back is straight and you are looking straight. Stretch your abdominal muscles by curving your back inwards and outwards like a straight and inverted curve. This is very helpful in reducing chubby belly and also helps you to be relieved from back aches and pains.

Then there is the third position, wherein you have to lie straight on the floor with your face facing down and your stomach touching the ground. In this position try lifting your head from your waist onwards while keeping your feet on the ground. Hold your position for some minutes and then relax. When you become comfortable with this try lifting your legs too and then hold the position for some time. Repeat this set at least 10 to 12 times to reduce chubby belly.

Remember to breathe properly during each of these yoga postures and take proper rest before changing your postures. Sabasana is the posture to lie relaxed on the floor after each yoga posture and it ensures that you do not hurt yourself in trying to reduce chubby belly. Yoga contains a vast treasure of exercises that will certainly reduce chubby belly as well improve the well being of your body.



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Get Rid of Stomach Fat For Better Health

Is the worry to get rid of stomach fat making you lose sleep? Have none of the things that you have tried worked out? Maybe your efforts are being marred by the stress that you are undergoing trying to get rid of stomach fat. Every individual is different from the other in terms of gaining and losing weight. Before going on a stress trip decide on your fitness routine. Below is a rough guideline that may help you achieve some success to get rid of stomach fat:

  • Most importantly, you have to first diagnose whether you have any serious health problems. People suffering from gastro intestinal problems have to be very careful when planning their diet. If you are consulting a dietician, then be transparent to them clearly specifying your health problems. For people who do not have any such problems you must increase the intake of green vegetables, fruits and protein rich food, for example, pulses and whole grains to get rid of stomach fat.
  • Another thing that must be kept in mind is that fat in any form is harmful to your health. Although our body requires some amount of fat which is burnt to produce energy it is the storage of the unused fat, which causes stomach fat. To get rid of stomach fat reduce the intake of fried and fatty foods, avoid junk food and aerated drinks. This does not mean that you will never eat any such thing it is the amount and frequency of intake of such fatty foods that increase stomach fat.

Get Rid of Stomach Fat with Strict Exercise Routine & Food Plan

  • If it is not possible to follow a strict exercise routine in a gym then incorporate exercise in your daily routine. Avoid escalators and elevators, use the stairs. If the grocery shop is just a few minutes walk from your home then avoid taking your car instead walk the distance.
  • In the opinion of experts it is best to have small protein rich and fat free meals throughout the day instead of having two or three large meals. Along with this, cardio vascular exercises are also important to get rid of stomach fat. Swimming and cycling are very good forms of cardio exercises that help you get rid of stomach fat.get rid of stomach fat
  • Finally it is very important that you have a proper meal time to get rid of stomach fat. Try to avoid intake of heavy and late dinners. Remember the golden rule to eat like a King at breakfast, like a prince at lunch and like a pauper at dinner. Try to finish off your dinner some time before you head for the bed. If possible go for a stroll post dinner, so that your food gets digested before you go to sleep.

If you follow these simple and easy steps for at least a month or two you will surely notice a change in your reduced waistline. Not only will you feel healthy, you will also succeed in leading a healthy life henceforth.



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How to Get Rid of Belly Fat?

Guidelines to how to get rid of belly fat?  Looking after your body is the foremost important thing you should do. It’s essential to understand exactly what affects and what has no effect on your body.  Maybe you have the stamina to train for only half an hour, but in your desire to rid belly fat you end up training for more than an hour. Now your body not only is tired, you actually gain no benefit from the training. Due to over training you more likely to postpone your next visit to the gym or stop going all together.

How to Get Rid of Belly Fat Seriously?

Secondly, when it comes to learning how to get rid of belly fat it’s extremely important not to imitate others. Just because you have a close friend who would not put on weight even when she gorges down junk food, it does not mean that you can have your share of junk food and have the same result. Everyone’s metabolic rate is different as well as in body structure. Your friend maybe blessed with a metabolic rate that does not allow her to put on the weight, while you’re not so lucky and you have to say no to all sorts of unhealthy food. Just before you start eating healthy you need to think healthy. A healthy evening snack can constitute of a salad or fruit rather than a burger and fries.

How to Get Rid of Belly Fat? Start by Eating Healthyhow to get rid of belly fat

Thirdly, whenever addressing the question of how to get rid of belly fat you must know the difference between good fats and bad fats. Not all carbohydrates and fats are harmful. There are a few helpful ones too which your body requires. Fresh green veggies in addition to juicy fruits are full of good carbohydrates, while products like biscuits or cookies produced from refined flour consist of bad carbohydrates that accumulate within your body to generate fat. There is no need to cease the consumption of every type of butter and oil. Olive oil in particular is very good for your heart and in addition it assists in loosing belly fat.

How to Get Rid of Belly Fat? Time to Re-Look at Your Lifestyle!

When you are ready for the solution to the question “how to get rid of belly fat” then it’s important to adhere to healthy lifestyle. Reduce your alcohol consumption and oxygenated beverages. Avoid regular late night outings and lack of adequate sleep. Try to stick to a strict discipline when it comes to your ways of eating and sleeping pattern. If possible fix a specific time for your meals especially your dinner. As a principle do not have your dinner just before heading to bed. It is extremely important to give plenty of time for the food to get digested prior to you heading for the bed.

A balanced body and mind is the primary key to all problems regarding fat loss. The guidelines mentioned in this post must be followed in order to remain in shape. These are just generally promises that you should make to yourself rather than to any fitness instructor or dietitian. All these guidelines will certainly provide you your answer to how to get rid of belly fat efficiently and rapidly.


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Fat Burning Program

Fat Burning Furnace Program is founded by Rob Poulos. Rob is the founder and CEO of  Zero to Hero fitness, one of the biggest names in weight loss World. FBF is a hidden gem amongst many lumps of coal. FBF program is not solely a diet program that causes effective weight loss by using right diets. FBF plan burns off your body’s carbohydrates instead of burning fat. This forcefully puts your body into action as it begins to use stored fat to replenish the depleted carbohydrates. Other programs in the market can easily burn muscle mass but it implements strategies that let you build muscle, burn fat and control carbohydrates. FBF contains a list of 15 food articles to be eat and 15 food articles that should not to be eat, that come in an easy-to-read chart, an exercise regimen planner and more. There are also separate programs for men and women.


  1. Burn fat without any cardio exercise.
  2. There is no stricked diet to be followed.
  3. Makes the user active
  4. Helps in saving money, which being wasted if one is going to join gym.


  1. As this plan is built on weight training it doesn’t contain too much information on cardio workouts.
  2. FBF could include more information on the diet and nutrition aspects, in my opinion this was added to complement the exercise as it is not as detailed as the information regarding workouts.

As the book has both pros and cons even then I will give it 8 points out of 10. It is definitely a good read, and I say you should give it a shot. Who knows if you can lose couple of inches of those belly fat.

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